Hello World.

We call ourselves Codegraph Inc, and are happy to meet you! We are a small web solutions company with offices in both the US and Japan.

This initial post begins with our introductions, but first let us tell you an outline of our history:

  • Jan 2014 - Established as a subsidiaru of a furtniture maker in Fukuoka City, Japan. Our main function was the design, development and customization of ecommerce sites.
  • Aug 2014 - Our offices moved to Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan.
  • Oct 2014 - Complete spin of as an independent corporation.
  • Oct 2015 - Formation of American branch.

The seven current members of Codegraph primary area of business is web design, front end development.

While a young orginization, the experiece of our members is deep. However, we are driven to keep learning new things, and not allow oursleves be held in by the walls of old conventions, or theories. Our passion is the imagination, design and implementation of ideas and concepts that are free and uninhibited.

Additionally, we aim to embrace the global activities and collaboration of the information society that we live in.

Assigned Roles

Until recently, we did not narrow down our target audience, and as a team we did not have a set focus. We realized that we needed to strengthen the core of our business, and initially there weren’t many projects. So, we eagerly accepted all work that came our way.

Even from now we will not change this humble attitude. We did however, discover that we were not sharing common values and goals that are vital to fortify the skills that will differentiate us in a competitive market. Therefore, as a team, we decided to recognize and highlight this point in the meaning of the name our company was given. We explain it as follows:

Code (source code)
Procedural declarations written in computer programming language(s)
Graph (graphic)
Information, illustrations and designs that are presented visually in two dimensions.

These two words have been combined to form our name, which has assigned it as our mission to use computer languages to convey information in a visual way. Additionally, we redefined that it is Codegraph’s responsibility to provider high quality web interfaces that transmit information to users.

Our Redesigned Site

After 3 weeks of improvements, today we launch our new site.

We have gone from a simple single page site, to site with revised content, and rich presentation throughout. There are only a few clients that we have worked with up to this point, therefore we have not published past project examples yet. However we will update the site with work examples and blog posts regularly.

The blog will feature info on the direction of our company, in addition to useful information for developers.