Leader Bikes x Undefeated Racing Team

UI / UX Design, Development2016


An original promotion site that came to life thanks to the collaboration between Californian pist bike maker, Leader Bikes and UNDFTD. Parallax effects and animations were used effectively on this vertical landing page.


This project had a very short time frame of about two weeks from design to launch. We were not sure what kind of photos we would be able to work with due to the photographer’s schedule. Therefore, we began the buildout of the site.

Three days prior to the launch, we were asked to use the team’s visual brand of a tiger camflouge, so we had to quickly change the color of our design pallete. This allowed us to make revisions to the design so the tiger camoflouge was eye catching.
Also, this single page has many visual elements. So we needed to carefully consider performance, and its load time to allow visitors to enjoy without delay.


The landing page that we created this time has a total of six sections, that are presented as a responsive layout. The components that appear on scroll come to life with animations.To create a solid layout with a sporty feel, we utilized slanting components as the important elements. These emphasized the feeling of danger, speed and quickly changing state of the sport, while retaining readability.

The site has been highlighted on more than 5 showcase sites.